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Multi Agent Systems

and how to build them!

What Industry Leaders have to say about the course?

DharmeshCTO at Hubspot

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've probably heard about Agent AIs everywhere. There's a reason for this: It's a major advancement and opens up ground-breaking opportunities to build products. Every developer should learn how agents work and how to build them -- and CrewAI is a great introduction.

Jack AltmanManager Partner at Alt Cap

Given the pace of technological change, engineers leveraging platforms like CrewAI will have a huge leg up and get stronger the more change happens. CrewAI simplifies and accelerates your journey into the future of AI, empowering you to set new standards in software development.

Ben TossellFounder at Ben's Bites

Agents are all the rage, but there's one (big) problem, they don't work. I've seen them all and CrewAI actually works. It's the best agent framework out there and improvements are being shipped like nothing I've ever seen before

Ed SimFounder at Boldstart

AI answers are great but what about easily building a crew of agents to execute tasks, work in tandem or serially to actually do work for you and take action? If you believe in the future of agentic workflows, then there is no better place to easily get started to build, deploy, and scale agentic worklows securely than with CrewAI

Harrison ChaseCEO at LangChain

Multi agent systems allow developers to create more modular, scalable, and understandable systems. Although they can seem intimidating, I would recommend everyone learn about them

Matthew BermanYoutuber AI Influencer

Agentic systems are the future of AI and where people who want to get into AI should spend their time learning. Agents allow LLMs to become autonomous and perform real world tasks beyond just question answering.

Andreas KlingerInvestor at Remote First Capital

Working with agents forces you to approach problems differently. If you are used to normal proceduaal programming this will need a bit to get used to. But the pay out is a complete new surface area of problems you can tackle and solutions you can approach. Worth your time!

BrandonYoutuber AI Influencer

CrewAI perfectly combines simplicity and power for multi-agent automations. It’s simple enough for beginners and robust enough for complex workflows. From high school students to PhDs, everyone I’ve worked with is amazed by how, once they get a crew running, it feels like magic—it just works

Tony KipkemboiYoutuber AI Influencer

There's never been a better time to learn and build AI Agents than right now! Pick a framework like CrewAI and start with a simple process that you can automate using agents. This will challenge you to think about multi-agent systems in new ways, so get after it today!

Alejandro AOYoutuber AI Influencer

Multi-agent systems could have as big an impact on the industry as the World Wide Web did in the 1990s. The way they use generative AI to automate procedures has the potential to transform not only the software industry, but many other industries as well. I believe that the ability to implement these systems will become an essential skill for most software engineers